Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Importance of Church History

This blog is an extension of my website which contains some of the most important audio messages I think people need to hear. I have recently updated that website by adding the 49 part Church History Series by seminary professor and renowned apologetic debator Dr. James White.

It is essential for Christians to know the history of our faith! Studying church history is an important investment we need to make as disciplined followers of Christ. Within the realm of church history we find out many of the things God did to bring us to this present age. We find out why we hold to certain traditions. We also found out heresies and mistakes that have been made throughout the years by church leaders, cults, and politicians.

We really don't see our faith clearly and don't know what we believe (or if our theologies are correct) if we box ourselves into this present time. Current cultural commentary will not show us what we need to see. Headline news won't tell us either. We are naive if we think that God has only been active in the lives of mankind within the pages of Scripture and within the pages of our local newspaper. We can't miss out on all the happenings of in between then and now and have a clear picture. Without church history we are trying to appreciate the Divine Light of scripture while looking through a dirty mud puddle.

In response to the lack of resources concerning Church History, I am posting the Church History Series here as well as on my website. Dr. James White can be described as a scholarly expert in the field of Christian History. Within these 49 parts is a testimony of much of what God has done from the Bible to now. Please take the time to listen to these messages and/or download them to your computer. Thanks, Jeff Fuller.

"Church History Series"
in 49-parts
Alpha and Omega Ministries
(This series is in WMA format.)


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